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Teak Fan Prototype 5/8/20

I built one of these for our little Flicka 20 sailboat. Moving generated heat is a real benefit. So much plastic out there to choose from! Nah, no thanks. Can do better than that. The cnc router we use in the shop for pattern work & making custom packing materials is the tool used to machine the 7x7" solid wood housing for the 12v fan. There's a speed control with a Fender Guitar "witches hat" knob. All the metal parts are laser cut stainless. The black ball on the backs fits a RAM Mount holder. Might considering offering these for sale if there was interest?


Cover Plate Hold Down Strap 5/8/20

This handy device was made by R.J. Burns. It's his way of keeping the coverplates in position while sailing well heeled.



One of the most satisfying aspects of going down to the workshop each day is to take a few minutes off from grinding iron to go check email and be pleasantly surprised by this sort of thing. In this case, before and after images of an install in a boat named NIXIE here in Washington State. Hats off to everyone plugging away on their projects! A/NSW




Here's the prototype at medium flame. Stove is 28" tall to top of rail x 12" x 13" footprint.
Weight @ 55 Lbs. Big glass & herring fish relief on the front plate.
Best available "blue flame" natural draft burner from Europe - no fan/electricity required.
Have been running it the last few days on straight BioD. Very clean burn. Very steady.
Will be working on a design for a water heating loop. (ended up making dual internal serpentine exchangers).

Alcohol Drop In Burners also fit the HERRING..


We're building more HALIBUTS !

The time has come to build some more HALIBUT cookstoves!
We proudly invite you to take part in another limited production run.

This model incorporates several features that will make this
traditional solid fuel design even more appealing, practical, and long lived:

- Cast Bronze Sea Rails & Corner Posts Standard.
- Firebox Door Glass
- Stainless Ash Pan & Oven Rack.
- Oven Thermometer.
- For Coal & Wood.
- Heavy Cast Coal Linings with “Shaker Grate” & Handle.
- Porcelain Enamel Upgrade Available.
- Halibut Relief on Oven Door.

Navigator has recently built HALIBUT's destined for
the Maine Coast, Narragansett Bay, Puget Sound, Alaska, Texas and the UK.

We look forward to hearing from you in the very near future if you want to be part of this batch!
Please contact us at 360 2984623 or by email,

HALIBUT Platform Size Minimums:
26” Wide - Minimum.
( leaves 2” gap between stove & shielding)

18” Deep - Minimum.
( leaves 1” gap between stove & shielding)

NOTE: dimensions take L & R and Rear 1” shielding into consideration
plus an additional 2” each side to access turnbuckle hold-downs.

Alcohol Drop In Burners also fit the HALIBUT.


Making a Wood Crib

Seemed wastefull to burn up a bunch of tight grain branches on burn-pile day.
Also felt a bit silly cutting & stacking such small stuff. So, with chicken wire in
hand, we made up a few 24" diameter bins. Rocks in bottom to keep wood
up off wet ground. Lucky to find some junked metal roof for the roofs. A small
circular saw works well to zip up the wood into a wheelbarrow used as a "catch
sawbuck". Small stoves, small wood. Get rid of that biomess!


Red Porcelain is available.
If you like old fashioned "barn red" or "bottom paint red" , then this is the color for you


Thanks to Tom Yoemans for his contribution of a SHIPMATE 214 STOVE from
the vessel AMBERJACK; a 42' Alden Schooner built in 1924. Not only did Tom
donate an incredible stove to our "archives", but also a book written by his
father which tells the story of the boat and her extended family. In it are several
references to the stove's operation and of its central importance during their
travels. Lot's more could be said but let's leave it at:

AMBERJACK'S legacy lives on....


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