Stove Accessories:
pipe & deck irons / "drop-in" burners
/ shielding / maintenance products.

Pipe & Fittings

Stock fittings to complete your NAVIGATOR marine installation.


For 4" insulated SELKIRK pipe systems, please call
and we will send you a PDF parts catalogue.

See current pricing HERE

Please Note: Due to busyness with stove building, NSW will only

write orders for parts which support Navigator Stove installs.

Stainless or Copper

(3" Discontinued)

A proven design which sheds rain down the outside
of the pipe... into the trough.

Heads come "as made" from the shop and will need to be polished if one is desiring a mirror finish.

4"er is 10" tall x 8" barrel OD.

Stainless or Galvanized.
(no copper)


4"er is 12" tall


The recommended fitting for passing a stove's vent pipe through the deck.
Water is kept in the trough and thus cools the pipe by absorbing & dissipating heat.

4" Iron - 7" cut hole reqd. w/ 9" flange OD.
Deck Iron's trough depth is 1-7/8" with a 1" pipe extension that fits INSIDE stovepipe.

Also available in A356 Aluminum



Seat plug in iron with a hammer or mallet.
Remove by hand.
Conforming soft rubber seals out water.
12" stainless lanyard.
Smokehead can fit over installed plug for

Winter storage.



4" (3" Discontinued)

304 SS / 26 Ga. /24".

Hand Crimped & Beaded.

First section off stove hand forms to fit oval flange.
SS gets a nice coppery patina through useage


304 SS / 26 Ga. / "0 to 90" .

Use two to create an "offset" when stove and
deck iron are not in line. One elbow used alone
can make up to a 2" offset which adds 5" of height.
Two joined elbows set at 45D.
make a 5" offset
which adds 10" of height. When the offset exceedes
8", a short piece of pipe must be positioned between
the elbows to make the offset.



Cast Iron & Steel.

Basically your stove's "gas pedal".
Running a stove without a damper is unsafe.
You would also go through wood in a hurry

without one!



The Alcohol "Drop-In" Burner

Here's a handy item that will allow you to boil water or cook on top of your stove in the warmer months.
No need to take up valuable counter space with another burner device while your woodstove sits idle.
The DROP IN BURNER literally drops into the stove top and burns plain denatured alcohol.
The burner element is self pressurizing(minimal) and since it is located down in the cast bronze burner housing,
there is little worry of spilling fuel. The "DROP IN" fits all NAVIGATOR stoves. On a 2 oz. filling it will
run for 20 min. We found that it takes 8 min to boil a liter of water. Running in simmer mode, the burn time
is easily doubled. To refill is simple using the included fuel bottle. Longer cook
times are only interupted by the time it takes to add another 2 oz. of fuel. Then during the
same day when you'd like to have a fire in the stove to warm up, the "DROP IN" can be taken out
in a split second and a wood fire can be started. Pretty slick, eh?

The photos above are prototypes. Notice how the flame is very similar to a gas burner.
Some alcohol burners use a wick type system. This design however functions
on a
different priciple and as a result creates a very satisfactory flame. Here is our final, rather
solid, cast bronze design inserted into a raw SARDINE top plate casting. The burner's
rubber gasketed screw-on cover is in place on the burner. Unused fuel can be left in the
burner and stored for future use.
When using a DROP IN with a plain iron stove,
one might seriously consider covering the top of the stove with aluminum foil to keep
it dry.




Stainless Shielding For Combustible Surfaces.

We custom manufacture these composite panels to your specifications
from stainless or copper plus 5/8" non asbestos mineral board. Please
supply Navigator with paper templates of the shapes/sizes you will need
See our installation manual for requirements. Pricing as per quote.


Rutland Products

Varoius quality items to maintain your stove.

See current pricing HERE
A black semi-solid paste wax used to preserve and restore the beauty of unpainted cast iron stoves. Because Rutland Stove Polish is made from natural waxes and the blackest pigments, it can be buffed to a dark lustrous glow. When used on new stoves, it preserves the metal and helps prevent rust. Use it on old rusty stoves to renew and re-black the surface; and to help prevent further deterioration.

Especially recommended for preserving heating equipment stored out of season .

Low Tech and works well!
A ready-mixed, high-temperature silicate cement with a finely ground smooth consistency. This material
has the appearance and texture of fine mortar, and will withstand temperatures to 2000°F. Can be used anywhere a high-temperature resistant adhesive is needed. Especially for bonding and sealing metal to metal joints. When air dried and cured according to directions, this cement becomes as hard and durable as firebrick. Primarily, a metal to metal sealant that may be used for filling joints between masonry and metal as this material strongly resists separating from the metal, unlike so many similar products.

Contains no asbestos.
RTV High-Heat Silicone Sealant (Clear).

Good for caulking the joint between the bronze deck iron and the wood leveling block.
3" & 4" Chimney Brush w/ 10' flexible handle & ball tip. Makes cleaning pipes a simpler job. Flexible shaft "snakes" brush through 45's & 90's. Cut handle down to suit your particular pipe run.
[3" - #17409, 4" - #17410].

Rutland's Chimney Thermometer works on the principle that metal expands as it heats up. It is calibrated so that the pointer on the face indicates when the woodstove is operating in a safe temperature range. This black enameled metal thermometer magnetically attaches to stove top, door or flue pipe to show at a glance if the stove is operating within an efficient burning range. Indicates overheating or a low temperature creosote buildup hazard. Stove chimneys, pipes, stove doors, stove-tops are all places where this product is useful. Every home with a solid fuel appliance needs one.The Rutland Chimney Thermometer helps maintain a margin of safety for your family, and saves you money at the same time. Permanent mounting screw and safety wire are included.
Make your own firebrick. Originally developed for use in blast furnaces, it has exceptional strength and abrasion resistance. It's ideal for casting into custom shapes to replace worn-out firebrick. When the dry material is mixed with water, it chemically sets and dries brick hard. It can be cast in irregular shapes or as a solid stone bed. 12.5 lbs. casts a block 12"x12"x11/4", or 120 lbs./ cu. ft. Easy-to-follow foolproof directions on container.

May be substituted for sand bed in trough of SARDINE or COD.
Some people would rather paint their stove than apply a paste polish several times a year. This paint gives a very even (boring), homogeneous matte finish. Polish on the other hand will give you variable shades of charcoal gray depending on the relative smoothness of the iron surface. If you are into "Green" products, don't get this stuff as its super solvent-stinky to apply and then it off-gasses when you first use the stove.
Some people would rather spray their stove than use a paste polish.
(we might get around to trying this stuff also on stainless pipe as it mentions on the can)
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