Standard Porcelain Color Options
tanbark red / gray / black / green / blue
/ mint







These colors will appear slightly different than the actual stove color
depending on your monitor.

We routinely supply plain iron stoves without porcelain enamel (porcelain shown above).

All plain iron stoves come fully sandblasted and take paint or polish wonderfully!

A non-enameled stove will RUST in the moist marine environment unless kept well polished or painted.

Plain iron is quite suitable for land use where moisture is less of an issue.

A bottle of traditional black polish comes standard with each plain stove. (but don't apply polish if you plan to paint!)

Alternatively, one may elect to paint their stove with a high temperature stove paint (Dampney's "Ruby Red" below).

Customer applied @ 12 oz. spray can per COD/SARDINE (NSW does not paint stoves.)

This can be a good compromise if one wants color without the cost and additional time of waiting to have your stove enameled.

Here's an online resource where you can order paint directly from a paint manufacturer :

Porcelain enamel however is a very lush/glossy stove finish which cannot be matched by paint. We think its the ultimate

which takes a stove to a whole other level of beauty. Please note that porcelain is not indestructable. For residential situations where a tall chimney

is in use, those not overly farmiliar with running a stove could accidentally overfire the stove and harm the coating. If you have "guest

cabin stove" which will see useage by various folks, one might steer away from porcelain and stick with a painted stove that

could be easily touched-up if needed. Lots of choices, but we wanted you to know.......



Dampney Paint - "Ruby Red"


Porcelain Upgrade Pricing:

As porcelain can take many months to turn around from the factory, it is possible that a new calendar year will occur and the price originally quoted for porcelain will no longer be valid.

Navigator reserves the right to price increases and will also make the effort to "OK" an increase with the customer before going forward with their porcelain process. / 360 298 4623

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