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Navigator Stove Works is located on Orcas Island within Washington State's San Juan Islands.

We welcome you to stop by for a visit or to pick-up your order.

The workshop is about a mile from Eastsound's town dock @ 509 Double Hill Road.

Please do give us a ring before you come on over.

The islands are also ferry served via Anacortes, Wa. & Sidney, B.C., Canada.


Designed originally for boats, these stoves are equally well suited for use in small recreational

spaces on land where a larger stove would be impractical. COD and SARDINE are EPA Exempt as Camp Stoves.

Two of our stove pattern sets have their roots in Nova Scotia, Canada. The Lunenburg Foundry produced a

wide range of marine equipment for commercial vessels and yachts since the company's founding in 1891.

Lunenburg ceased producing stoves in the early 1990's with the closure of their iron foundry operations.

Utilizing Lunenburg's vintage foundry patterns, Navigator is continuing producion of the.....





The HALIBUT, designed by Navigator, features an oven, a high temp glass window

in the upper firebox door, and a bronze/brass sea rail.. This solid fueled cookstove

integrates and updates the best functional design elements from several now

defunkt boat oriented stove foundries. SHIPMATE (of Stamford, Ct.) &

WASHINGTON STOVE WORKS (of Everett, Wa.) being two of the best known examples.

A porcelain HALIBUT is truly a beautiful object!


The HERRING, is NSW's Diesel / BioDiesel model.

As BioD's physical properties are a bit different than regular Diesel,

there are a few cold weather challenges to be met when using this alternative fuel.

BioD. is quite an agreeable smelling fuel and we are excited to offer a liquid fueled stove that is

both traditional and modern. (dare we say GGG....Green?). The Herring may also be run on Kerosene.

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