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Due to its enduring practical appeal, the
"Little Cod" has
earned a place aboard many craft on many coasts. First
produced circa 1917, this compact solid fuel boat stove was
initially designed to keep fishermen warm and well fed
as they jigged for cod. This ruggedly beautiful cast iron
marine stove is the result of over 100 years of refinement.
Its simplicity and reliability will be a welcome addition
to any galley, cabin, or pilothouse.

Economical to run and maintain, this source of dry heat will
undoubtedly be the greatest contributor to comfort aboard
your yacht. The “Little Cod” is ideal for spaces
where the use of a conventionally sized stove is impossible.


"Good Evening to the Northwest! Surviving the grand storm on our coastline with comfort. I am driving your little fireplace like a six speed gearbox, meaning, I can manipulate the bottom air feed with the damper with the amount of fuel, type of fuel, placement of fuel, and absolutely dial it in with more accuracy than my propane stove or Mini Cooper for that matter. What a joy. I can "read it" without looking: the sound, feel, and smell, tells me what my eyes do not need to see in the viewing port. I guess we are now like two old shoes that know left from right, in the dark.

Thanks again!" - N.C.





Height: 11.375 In. (28.5 cm.) to top of cook surface./13 In. (33 cm.) to top of sea rail.
idth: 18 In. (45.75 cm.).
Depth: 13.75 In. (35 cm.) Weight: 55Lbs. (25 kg.)


- 74 % Efficient !

- Cast Iron Construction

- For Solid Fuel

- Frontside Glass Window Option

- Stainless Steel "Sea Rail" (to keep cook pots in place) standard with stove. Brass Upgrade Optional.

- Stainless Steel Thru-Bolts & Brass Door Hinge Pins.

-10,000 BTU's Low to 28,000 BTU's High,
[ 3 - 8 Kw.] Heat Output.

MARINE Rule of Thumb: 15 x Volume of Space to Heat = Reqd. BTU's.

- Right Hand Door Standard, Left Hand Optional.

- Holes In Legs For Securing Stove To Platform.

- Uses 4" Chimney Pipe (10 Cm).

- Compatible with our bronze "Drop-In" Burner Modules!

Modern "Clean-Burn" Technology - Non Catalytic.
3.6 G/HR

Please note: As of May 2020 this model's new status is EPA Exempt as a "camp stove".

'22 Pricing:

$2155 in Plain Iron
CALL for various build options w/Paint, Porcelain, Glass, Brass Rail.

Easily Shipped Domestic By UPS or DHL worldwide. / 360 298 4623

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this wood stove!
It is the coolest thing I've ever bought (aside from our boat).
It's heating the boat extremely well right now, and gives it a modern,
yet rustic vibe. I grew up with 2 wood stoves heating my house as a
kid and now the LC is making the boat feel just as homey.
My wife loves it, and we are a step closer to self sufficiency.
Thanks for all of your help. I'll send some pictures soon.
This thing ROCKS."

Sean S/V Sea Dancer, LI, NY.


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