Various Installations

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SARDINE Aboard CONCUBINE / Herreshoff's Rozinante / Castine, Maine.

[ red porcelain, first ever! installation by Malone Boatbuilding. extensive stainless shielding.]


LITTLE COD in Wanzenburg "Camp Cabin" / Upstate NY, USA.

[nice storage platform in plate steel.]


LITTLE COD & Deborah Gruenwoldt / Aboard “DAISY”, an OFFSHORE 30’ by Wirth Munroe / Seattle, Wa. USA.

[charcoal colored porcelain stove with a copper smoke head on-deck]


SARDINE w/ Jane & Jenny / Aboard “LUCY”, a custom camper trailer / Seattle, Wa. USA.

[plain iron stove with wood stowage below]


LITTLE COD w/ Alex & Elana Spear / Aboard "Vito Dumas" / Port Townsend, Wa. USA.

[an older Lunenburg COD with new blue porcelain. installed "port & starboard". ]


LITTLE COD aboard a 1955 Airstream* / California, USA

[blue porcelain w/ woodbox & stainless shielding.]


SARDINE & Barbara Gray / aboard "TEELOK", a Sam Devlin catboat / Olympia, Wa. USA.

[plain iron w/ insulated tile platform.]


SARDINE aboard "LYNX", an "1812" privateer schooner / Newport Beach, Ca. USA.

[plain iron w/ woodbox & copper shielding.]


SARDINE Aboard ELFIN / River Dart, UK.

[plain iron model. Interesting copper tack detail on lower shield.]


LITTLE COD in a lovely backyard shed / London, UK.

[a plain COD without a sea rail. nicely proportioned wood & stone platform.]


SARDINE w/ Russ Manheimer / aboard "SJOGIN" / Manasquan, NJ. USA.

[green porcelain.]


LITTLE COD / aboard "WANDERBIRD" / Maine, Nova Scotia & Beyond.

[blue porcelain.]


SARDINE w/ Doug Jones & Salty / Aboard a W. Atkin "Ingrid" / Washington State, USA.

[plain iron model with door installed on left side vs.right.]


SARDINE / Parry installation in process / 18' catboat / Ohio, USA.

[plain iron model. well considered copper shielding.]


LITTLE COD / Aboard "LADY FRANCOISE" / 29' steel hull - Built 1964, Delft. / lying Belgium.

[plain iron model. left door, lots of nice copper.]


LITTLE COD / Aboard Viano & Goff's 1997 Ford/Thomas School Bus. / Utah, USA.

[plain iron model. stainless shielding, tile platform.]



Maurice Griffiths - text from Swatchways & Little Ships - 1940's

"How warm and almost luxurious our cabin appeared as we sat back relaxed
and contented after our meal. With a red glow from the stove and a soft light
from the oil lamp there is for me no place in the world quite so warmly
embracing and comforting as the cabin of a little yacht anchored in
sheltered spot."


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