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traditional solid fuel marine cookstove


- Dimensions: 20.75” Wide x 16” Deep. (53 x 41Cm)
15.5” to top of cook surface with legs.
Legs are 3” High.
18.5” to top of cast bronze sea rail.
- Oven: 9 x 9 x 8" ( 23 x 23 x 20 Cm)
- Firebox: 11 x 5 x 6"
( 28 x 13 x 15 Cm)
- Weight: 175 Lbs. (75 Kg)


- Heavy cast iron construction

- Cast
Bronze Sea Rail Cornerposts with 1/2" brass rails.

- For Solid Fuel - 3/8" cast iron firebox linings for coal use, shaker grate & SS ash pan,

- SS Oven thermometer, adjustable SS oven rack, full circular "oven mode" flamepath.

- High Temperature Glass Window in Firebox Door.

- Uses 4" Chimney Pipe (10 Cm).

- Approx. Output: 25-35,000 Btu’s.

- Plain Iron, High Temp Paint, or Porcelain Enamel.

- Compatible with our bronze "Drop-In" Burner Modules!

- EPA Cookstove Exemption.


$4650 Plain Iron

With Porcelain or High Temp Paint Upgrade: CALL


"Hi there sorry its been so long. Been way too busy. Business is really going well. Hopefully picked up a
steel carrying contract next Summer running steel from Birmingham to London on the Grand Union Canal. (about 250 km so not far in America but quite a distance in Britain). Should do one trip every 3 to 4 days. Cool. Stove burning beautifully. Its on almost 24/7 so working hard. Great burn control - I loaded it up last week and when I finally got back in about 24 hours later, it was hot enough to get some kindling going with a bit of blowing! Nice. Heats the boat easily and the oven works properly."

"I finally made it back home and unpack my Red Halibut. I wanted to post my thoughts so all could share. First off I want to thank Andrew for his persistence in getting the stove done. The process was lengthy but as Andrew said on his web site, what is a year to wait for something that will last more than a lifetime. I opted for the Red porcelain which was a bit pricey but well worth it to me. Overall the stove has exceeded my expectations. I do not know what the old red porcelain would have looked like but the new darker red looks really classy. It is kind of a brick red or maroon which blends nicely with the brass and bronze sea rail and hinges. It is a great way to have a red stove and not have it look like a fire plug. In my opinion the craftsmanship is outstanding and the stove is the perfect size (physically) for my 32ft LOD wooden Gaff Cutter. After I install the stove I will post again about it's heating ability. Again, I want to thank Andrew for his efforts and for providing such a timeless product in such a disposable world. It was a pleasure working with him and I look froward to future exchanges as I order the parts for the chimney, etc."

D.A. / Homer, Alaska USA




HALIBUT Platform Size Minimums:

26” Wide - Minimum.
( leaves 2” gap between stove & shielding)

18” Deep - Minimum.
( leaves 1” gap between stove & shielding)

NOTE: dimensions take L & R and Rear 1” shielding into consideration plus an
additional 2” each side to access turnbuckle hold-downs.



(kanggg@centrum.cz to contact the builder of the houseboat above)

360 298 4623 / andrewmoore@marinestove.com


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