The Story of a boat and Her Family

"This book chronicles the long and loving relationship between a Malabar schooner, the Amberjack, and three generations of a family and their many friends. The "Amber" was in some ways the heart of this extended community, and her existence enabled us to gather together, to sail together, and, most important, to learn to love each other better. And at her heart was a coal-burning Shipmate 214 stove and oven, whose warmth and the hot food cooked thereon served this larger purpose well. The "Amber" is no more, but the warmth this ship and stove generated is with us still. I hope you will enjoy this book and that it will warm your heart and soul."

Thomas R. Yeomans, Ph.D., son of Edward Yeomans Jr.
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"The stunning paradox of human spiritual maturity is that, as we become one with all creation, we also at the same time become completely and uniquely ourselves"

PB, 7 1/2" x 9 1/4", 183 pgs., 1992.
$29.95 & Postage.

By Roger McAfee

A contemporary, opinionated and highly useful manual covering the essential ingredients in happily living aboard; staying warm and dry. Chapters deal with ventilation, heating, producing hot water, excluding rain and condensation from the vessel, design features that make a superior liveaboard and much more. Heavily illustrated, clearly written, thoroughly researched.

If you are comparing the merits of the various heating options available, and are thinking of installing a solid fuel stove, McAfee's book puts the range of choices into perspective.

PB, 81/2" x 11", index, 120 pgs., 2000.

35$ & Postage.

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